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Q – How long does it take to sell items at Finders Keepers?
A – Most items sell within three weeks.

Q – Will I receive money for my consigned items when they are picked up by the Finders Keepers Evaluator?
A – No, if we agree to consign an item you will be paid after the item sells in our showroom.

Q – Will you reduce the price of my items after a certain timeframe?
A – Statistically, over 90% of items sell at the full agreed upon price within the first month. If any item does not sell within this period, it will automatically be reduced to facilitate a sale. We find that the only items that reach this price reduction period are those that were overpriced to start.

Q – Can you pick up my items when you come to my home to evaluate them?
A – Yes, if we agree on the asking price. The Evaluator will have a helper in his truck to load any items you wish to consign. Most folks like the convenience of a Quick and easy pick up.

Q – Is there much paperwork involved in consigning furniture?
A – We fill out a simple one-page agreement form, which lists your items, the prices, and terms and give you a copy for your records at the time of pick up.

Q – Can I consign items if I am moving out of the country?
A – Yes, we regularly mail checks to all fifty states and many foreign countries.

Q – Will you buy my items outright?
A – Yes, however you will receive more if you consign them, but we will mail you a check immediately at a reduced percentage if you prefer to just sell the items to us.

Q – Do you offer free delivery to your customers?
A – Our already low prices prevent us from offering free delivery, but we do offer competitive delivery rates.

Q – Do you accept credit cards for purchases?
A – Yes. We strive to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy items at Finders Keepers. We accept cash, American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard
, and Visa.

Q – Do you sell antiques?
A – Yes, our customers love antiques.

Q – Do you repair furniture?
A – Furniture needs to be clean and in excellent condition before we can accept it on consignment.

Q – I have a twenty-year-old sofa in perfect condition that no one ever sits on. Will you sell it for me?
A – We probably would not be able to help you with this one. Styles change often, especially sofas, loveseats, and armchairs and the market for styles from that age is very small.

Q – Can I trust Finders Keepers?
A – Yes, Finders Keepers is an active member of the Better Business Bureau and the National Home Furnishings Association. We take great pride in striving to treat all consignors, customers, and employees, as we would want to be treated.